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There are many reasons why a player may wish to make a gambling complaint against an online casino. At the extreme end of the scale, a player may want to make public a case they suspect of online fraud. Sometimes, a player could feel justifiably cheated out of their winnings. More often than not, however, a complaint is for the poor service they have received from a particular online gambling venue. This article covers the procedure you need to take to start the casino complaint process.

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United StatesUnited States
Nov 09, 2023
Ducky Luck — Refund declined
After making a few deposits with Duckyluck I realized no matter what I did I couldn’t win past $100 and the minimum withdrawal is $150 for banking. That’s when I decided to investigate and came to find out that they’re not some big reputable casino. Once I looked at my bank statement I noticed their company name wasn't the who charged me. So I called my bank and that’s when I asked what (MCC)merchant category codes they had used and they said it looks like you purchased books, music, agricultural ect. So I reached out to their customer service requesting a refund due to misrepresentation of their company and they said they have to change the codes in order for the charge to go through. I told them that is illegal and they are defrauding me and the bank. I have the messages to prove it.
Oct 25, 2023
Slootz — Delayed payment

hello i have won three weeks ago 1465 euro i tried to withdrawal but i only could take 1000 10x100 understandeble.

But im waiting first try one week nothing happend tried to cancel and anotherwithdraw for 1000 still waiting two weeks later. No reponses. Chat cannot help me. They can take my money in one day. But pay me thet dont give a ...... I feel scammed realley hard it is in euros

United StatesUnited States
Oct 25, 2023
CasinoCasino — Declined payment
Casino magic zone i signed up they gave me bonus play I played through like they said then wanted me to deposit 58.00 I did that so I could redeem my winnings can't get ahold of no one there isn't a phone number I have conformation from the casino and still can't redeem ,I'm not the only that they have done this to they are scamming players outif 58.00 bucks and in return the player gets nothing can you please look into this before they scam more players I'm sure I won't get my money back or my winnings i hope they get shut down for being scammers
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Oct 07, 2023
MrSloty Casino — Delayed payment
They Say withdrawal 7 to 21 working days on August 20 2023 it's now October 7 2023 and there still not paying I've researched online it seems this is a regular occurrence
United StatesUnited States
Oct 05, 2023
Galaxy Bet — Delayed payment

Deposited money of $22 it was loaded to my gaming account on slots I played and won $302 , I asked to cash out they said give him a few moments to process they got back to me about 4 or 5 hours later telling me I was unable to cash out $300 and that I'm only able to cash out $180 due to bonus spins not being spun completely which is completely untrue I didn't have any bonus spins this was a reload for a third time in which they don't provide or give bonus spins I have screenshots available but being that they were not trying to release any of my winnings or funds I went back and played again for another hour to two hours to finish off the spins they're supposedly saying I didn't finish off and I won more money and tried to cash out $342 the site is not responding to me and is refusing my winning payout supervisors and or customer service will not respond to me in or contact me to inform me of anything I have screenshots of everything conversation winnings they are fraudulently taking money from people and not paying out

United StatesUnited States
Oct 01, 2023
Virgin Casino — Other
Since they removed the Bingo Chat where players could talk to one another I noticed that the games seem rigged. I believe there are "bots" playing in there. Same ones winning all day long, every day. It's a rip off. Not sure if the casino is aware of it or if they are the ones putting the bots in there.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Sep 15, 2023
$Over 100k
BCgame — Other
BC game is an absolute scam I'm reporting this casino because every deposit I do into the casino the transaction are delayed by this casino they are very unsupportive and the mods ban you from the chat when chatting to your friends very suspicious this casino cause every mod has a vip leveld account they also have a licence Curaçao there casino is banned in uk tho they alow uk players and under age of 18 players this casino scams your money and this casino is not legal its an absolute scam there scamming people's money because they have a licence Curaçao that makes the casino look legit there running a fraudulent casino
Bo dickinson
United StatesUnited States
Sep 13, 2023
Bovada Casino — Delayed payment

Bitcoin withdrawl request 10 days ago. It’s still sitting on the blockchain because the fee they chose was below the minimum and the miners will not pick it up. I have reached out them via chat and email. In chat the simply send me links of the blockchain showing me the transaction.

When they finally responded to my second email they said they had done their part and I would get my money eventually. I’m still waiting.

Sep 12, 2023
Booi Casino — Missing Funds
It's boo casino I had 191.00 in funds and it was denied and they put my initial 8.00 back to the account this is wrong and unfair theft to say the least
Sep 10, 2023
Opened — Software fairness

Hello, I am beyond tired of this scam going on on and all the mirror website.

They claim to have a provably fair system, where the bet amount is not "involved " in that equation; if you bet 1$ at 2x with 50% chance to win, or you bet 1000000$ at 2x with 50% chance, "the outcome" should not be related to the bet size.

THATS actually not true at all, that's not a random complaint 'coz someone lose in a casino, that's an user with over 20millions of bet on that site, and that happens regularly, now is time to stop this scam.

United StatesUnited States
Sep 05, 2023
Bovada Casino — Bonus not given

I have had an account with Bovada since around 2015 and I recently received an email with a free spins bonus and logged in to use it since it was rare to get a no deposit bonus from them.

It took a long time but I managed to play through the required amount and requested a withdrawal for the max allowable $100 by bitcoin. The website attempts to send a verification text to an old phone number of mine so I go to my profile to update it but it didn't seem to be allowed.

I then used their online help chat to get it updated. Their help agent asked their verification questions and said on more than one occasion that I had been verified.

I explain the issue and the person makes me hold multiple times and drags the process of updating my phone number into 1 1/2 hours!

Then he finally tells me that my account wasn't verified and disables it!

I asked to be transferred to a manager because it seemed they were trying to scam me out of my bonus winnings. Why else would it take 1 1/2 hours to simply update a phone number. I have an account with their sister company Ignition and have never had a problem.

The manager comes on and says the same thing, send in documents to verify account and it'll be 48 hours until I hear back. The thought crossed my mind that maybe Bovada came under new ownership or something because it felt like I was dealing with shady planet 7 casino.

I send in my documents and receive the following response:

"Hello, Thank you for submitting to us your documentation. For us to complete your verification, we kindly ask that you resend the requested documents as the images you submitted were either unclear or cut-off."

I've sent in the documents three times and have gotten the same message. Bovada's reputation is going downhill.

Help please

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Aug 25, 2023
MrSloty Casino — Delayed payment

I have withdrawn 1950 GBP and I am not getting any response from the team which is helpful. I have read the numerous reviews from people about not being paid.

Could you please help me out ? We’re really struggling right now and I am the only employed person in my household. We are barely getting by and this 1950gbp will help us so much

Aug 24, 2023
AmunRa — Amount not credited
I attempted to deposit into this casino which I have done several times before I got an error message saying it was declined but they took the money from my bank account anyway . I have been in contact with the casino several times & have been told several times to be patient. It's coming up to 48 hrs since this happened & the only emails I have have told me it was declined & the money has not been added to my account which I Know. The 3rd party company that processes the deposits for the casino are the ones that took the money from my account & I have been told it's not the casinos problem yet the 3rd party company works for the casino so it is their problem .
United StatesUnited States
Aug 24, 2023
Wild casino — Declined payment

Wild casino is the casino on complaint they are owned by BetOnline

Recently I went on a 3 day bender gambling at wild casino. When the third day came along and I realized I won a little over 3million dollars I went to cash out. I was able to withdraw my daily max with no problem and when I tried to draw again after 24 hours my account was closed. After a few weeks we finally start corresponding and their excuse for closing my account and keeping my winnings was that there were inconsistencies In my gameplay. I asked for them to elaborate and be transparent but no such luck. I only played live dealer games and have payment proof along with screenshots of every winning junction before stopping. I have asked in several emails to pay what they owe but get turned away. I will personally give half of my winnings if I can get what I am owed from the casino to anyone who can resolve this.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Aug 24, 2023
Spicy Jackpots — Account closure
14th August this year joined up on the 15th August I did a withdrawal from spicyjackpots casino they closed my account for absolutely nothing 1 day of signing up I then asked them when I would receive my funds they said 7-21 days up to date now on the 24th August they told me that the withdrawal was completed so I asked when I would receive the funds they then cut me off up to date 25th I asked again when I would receive they then said never so they have stolen from me and are doing this to others getting their money and not paying up I understand that they have no licence scammed alot of people like me they have copied other sites and operating ilgal Please do something
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Step 1: Contact the Casinos Customer Support Team

The first thing you must do in the process of making a complaint is to contact customer support. Now you may feel that this is a waste of time, but all the same, you must go through the process for two important reasons. First, the casino will tell you if you are in violation of any of its policies. If you are (knowingly or unknowingly) in violation, it will be difficult for you to advance your complaint further. 

Now one wants to go through the time-consuming reading of a casino’s terms and conditions before jumping on some exciting casino games. We get that. But failure to do so could leave you disappointed if things don’t work as you expect, particularly concerning casino bonuses and promotions. 

Secondly, the first thing any third-party agency will ask before they assist with your complaint is whether you have spoken to the casino’s support team and what the outcome was. Failure to answer this question positively and provide details will ultimately mean your complaint will not go further.

Step 2: Lodge a Formal Complaint with the Licensing Authority

All legitimate online casinos are affiliated with a gambling license authority. If the casino you want to use does not have a casino license, avoid them at all costs. Casinos with a license from a reputable agency offer a degree of player protection and redress for complaints. But some are better than others. Online casinos licensed in south American jurisdictions like Curacao and Costa Rica offer very little player protection. They are unlikely to listen to your complaint. For this reason, it is always better to play at a casino that is licensed and regulated by regulators such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or one of many other European agencies. - Resolver can help you with submitting a complaint against casino in UK.

The footer of every online casino is where you can find out which regulator the casino is licensed with, usually. Clicking on the link here will often take you directly to the regulator’s website. From there, you can navigate to the section relating to casino complaints. Be aware, however, that this process could take months. And also, regulators will often only take action when they receive several similar complaints about a particular online gambling establishment.

Step 3: Casino Watchdogs

If there is no legal route available, there is also a third option. This is to submit a grievance through a trusted casino review company. Although they have no legal authority, top review websites can blacklist a casino and provide players with the ability to make their complaints public knowledge. This is a potent weapon against fraudulent and unethical gambling operators. The best casino review companies have many thousands of users and subscribers. It means you can get the word out about dishonest and unethical behavior fast. 

  • - A new player in the market, but already a fairly successful one. Due to established good relations with various casino brands, we are able to reach out to them to mediate any conflicts and complaints. And be heard - we have solved 100+ complaints so far and counting.

  • - An established platform with 2000 reviewed casinos. And a transparent complaint mechanism that has helped almost 15000 gamblers to receive their winnings. Takes from a week to a month to resolve a complaint. 

  • - An independent review website with an established complaint mechanism. Less transparent than such at AskGamblers, but with 4000 casinos present, it’s more likely you’ll find the needed one here. On average it takes 24 hours to accept a complaint and 21 day to resolve it.

  • - accepts complaints without making them public like the two sites above. And employs a dedicated team for mediation. It usually takes up to 2 working days to accept a complaint. But the problem is the limited number (around 300) of casinos supported. 

  • - A famous gambling review website acting as an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. Fairly active and accepts complaints on several hundreds of casinos. However, it has fairly strict guidelines leading to players’ complaints frequently being denied. And is often unable to help due to casinos’ unwillingness to cooperate. Successful cases are usually resolved within a week or two. 

Informing the casino you are using that you intend to air your grievances public can, in some instances, help to resolve an issue. Blacklisting and bad player reviews, after all, have a significant impact on a casino’s ability to operate profitably.

Get Started Now and Make your Casino Experience Public Knowledge

Here are a few of the complaints that Gamblescope has received about online casinos. Like gambling license regulators, we will act on casinos if we receive multiple complaints about any particular online gambling venue available on this website. Ultimately, after further investigation, we will blacklist online casinos that do not treat customers fairly and publise our reasons for doing so.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is Gamblescope Casino Complaint service?

Our Service was launched as a part of our ever-growing Gamblescope platform. And it’s main mission is to provide a free of charge, responsible and honest meditation service between online casinos and their players.

Our efforts has already led to resolution of hundreds of complaints and reclamation of deposits and winnings worth millions of GBP. 

Who can use Gamblescope Casino Complaint service?

Any player who feels that he/she has a valid reason to complain and has an account on

If you don’t have one — register here, it is free.

How to submit a complaint?

Easy! Just push the “Submit Complaint” button and fill in all the fields, following the instructions provided in the process.

Why was my complaint rejected?

There can be multiple reasons ranging from providing insufficient data to prove that your complaint has a valid ground to the breaking of the submission rules and guidelines.

How long does it take for Gamblescope to proceed with the review?

We reserve a 72-hour period during which we should start working on your complaint. But usually we begin after around 48 hours or so.

What happens after my complaint is published?

The casino gets notified about it and will have 72 hours to respond. After this it becomes a turn-based communication process under our mediation until the issue is resolved either in player’s or casino’s favor.

What affects the final decision about the complaint?

A multitude of factors:

  • Evidence provided by both sides during the communication process

  • New facts not provided in the initial complaint but surfacing in the communication process

  • Analysis and comparison between the facts provided and the casino’s terms and conditions

  • Information provided on behalf of the casino’s side by its Finance, Security, Fraud, Support or any other departments

  • Complaint submitter’s confirmation that the casino has paid all due amounts during the complaint resolution process

  • Evidence presented by third parties relevant to the complaint resolution, like gaming software companies, test laboratories etc. 

The final decision is taken by multiple members of our Complaint Team by consensus.

Is it possible to appeal if I don’t agree with the decision?

Our decisions are final so no appeal is possible. In case you are not satisfied with our decision, we encourage you to escalate your complaint to the regulatory body relevant to the casino’s jurisdiction.