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RouletteUK - Refund declined

I have played at the casino in question several times, having little luck.

Given my gaming activity, the VIP Manager (Bella) appears via email offering me a 120% deposit bonus, with no withdrawal limits and with a maximum bet of €5. I accept this bonus and then proceed to complete the wagering. I ended up winning a sum of around €2000, which I increased with bets exceeding €5 (the wager had now ended) and reaching an amount of €3400. When I finally make the withdrawal, the winnings are confiscated and I am only refunded the initial deposit. According to them, I had broken the maximum bet rule, but this was only done after completing the rollover.

I'll explain the situation step by step.

1) I contact the VIP Manager to understand the reason for the confiscation, and he explains to me that I violated the rules on the maximum bet. However, it refers not to the bonus he offered me, but to an alleged LV 3 cashback bonus. I thought he was referring to an old cashback bonus where actually, thinking about it, I could have violated the maximum bet, but I didn't understand how it could be linked to the bonus offered to me by the VIP manager and which originated the winnings.

I then ask for explanations in chat, from a very kind agent, who explains the matter to me.

2) The chat agent explains to me that, while I was playing with my winnings (by now the wager was completed, so I was able to raise the bet), I received a cashback bonus (which I didn't notice!) credited automatically, and for this specific bonus I violated the max bet rule. I explain to him that I didn't really notice this bonus, and that it wasn't right that I was punished for a violation that wasn't done voluntarily.

The agent appears to be cooperative and invites me to send a transcript of the chat with him to my VIP manager, which he would also do with the department that deals with payment.

3) I then write to the VIP manager, who however continues to deny me the winnings, referring to the violation of the terms on the maximum bet. I explain to him that I didn't notice this automatically credited bonus, and that it's not right to confiscate all my winnings for an alleged violation made on a bonus that I didn't request (Could I ever risk €3000 in winnings for a €50 bonus? Impossible!). At this point the VIP manager claims that I would have also violated the 120% credited bonus, but I think it is an excuse invented to deny me the winnings at all costs (He had not previously mentioned this alleged violation). Too bad I can only see the last 50 transactions and can't prove it.

4) Next, I receive the same email in three different languages saying that I would receive my winnings but to pay attention to the terms of the bonus next time. So I rejoice and think it's all over. I ask the VIP manager for confirmation, who tells me that the email was sent by mistake.

Even an email in 3 different languages? I feel really cheated!

The email specifically says that it is possible to receive winnings even if you violate the rules. So why isn't I allowed this opportunity? I have made many deposits on their site, my losses far exceed my wins and I have never misbehaved. I feel so frustrated and treated unfairly.

Thank you for your help.

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Apr 04, 2024
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