Win Real Money with Free Poker Tournaments in 2024

Poker freerolls are the perfect way to build your poker skills and win cash in 2024 – all without spending any money. Get ready to learn more about the best freeroll tournaments, exclusive offers, and strategies to maximize your winnings.

What are Freerolls?

➡️If you're scratching your head wondering what poker freerolls are, think of them as the cool kid of poker tournaments.

➡️They're totally free to jump into, but you can win actual cash or tickets to bigger games.

➡️You just sign up, show up, and if you're good enough to outplay the rest, you win some cool prizes.

➡️Freerolls aren't just casual games; they're the real deal, structured just like those big-buck tournaments.

➡️They have levels, blinds go up, and there's ante bets, with the top players getting rewarded at the end.

➡️For newbies, freerolls are like the ultimate poker playground.

➡️They get to play for free, maybe win something, all without risking any cash.

➡️The pros dig them too because freerolls can lead to tickets for bigger, pricier tournaments without spending a penny.

➡️Sure, you're not going to win a fortune in these freerolls, but if you are amongst the top winners daily, you'll be able to build a good kitty of more than £500 per month.

➡️However, this could go up to £1,000 or even win tickets worth £10,000+.

➡️Once you're on a poker site, you'll see all sorts of freeroll events.

➡️Most are open to anyone who wants to play, some need a special password, and a few are exclusive to VIPs who've racked up enough points.

➡️This guide's got the lowdown on all the different freeroll poker tournaments you can find online, showing you how to spot the best ones to get your game on.

The Difference Between Freerolls and Regular Poker Games

📌Freerolls, as I've lived and breathed them, are like the wild, wild west of poker.

📌They're these awesome tournaments where you don't need to pay a penny to get in on the action.

📌You just show up, play your heart out, and if you've got the skills (and maybe a little luck), you can walk away with real cash or entry into bigger tournaments.

📌Now, regular poker, that's a whole different ball game.

📌Whether it's a cash game or a tournament with a buy-in, you're putting your own money on the line.

📌It's exciting, sure, but it's also a game where stakes are real from the get-go.

📌You win big, you feel like a champ; you lose, and well, your wallet feels it.

About Freerolls

➡️It’s absolutely Free Entry

  • It's all the fun without the financial worry.

➡️Perfect Practice Ground

  • Sharpen your skills, try out strategies, and get comfortable with the game's flow, all risk-free.

➡️Win Real Prizes

  • Despite it being free to enter, you can win actual cash or tickets to bigger, buy-in tournaments.

➡️Confidence Booster

  • Every win in a freeroll feels like a major victory, building your confidence and encouraging you to keep improving.

➡️Expand Your Poker Network

  • Meet fellow poker enthusiasts, from newbies to pros, and become part of a community that shares your passion.

➡️Pure, Stress-Free Fun

  • Remember why you fell in love with poker in the first place.

  • Freerolls let you enjoy the game in a laid-back atmosphere, where the stakes are just about having a good time.

Different Types of Freeroll

📌New Player Freerolls

  • When you sign up at certain poker rooms, new players get access to certain freerolls for a few weeks after your first deposit.

  • These freerolls will not show up on older or existing poker accounts on that specific poker room.

📌Weekly Freerolls

  • Once you get the basics down, these become a regular part of your routine with the exact same freeroll tournament every single week, the same time and place, with the same prize pool.

📌Daily Freerolls

  • This is something I had not had the luxury of during my 2 year freeroll journey.

  • Today there are several freerolls out there every single day!

  • Talk about intense, every day a new chance to play and win free cash.

  • These can be your so called “daily workouts” for your poker brain, where consistency is key as you monitor your progress and how your gameplay improves.

  • So hit that gym every day and flex those poker muscles.


  • These are the golden tickets.

  • Winning here means a shot at the big-time tournaments, the kind you dream about.

  • Each satellite is a mission, with the prize being a step up to the higher stakes tables.

  • I’ve heard of a few top poker players who won millions through these freeroll satellites.

  • My biggest satellite ticket I won was worth £2500, having won 4 satellite step tournaments in a row, for which I sold to someone for £1800.

  • I know I should have played the final tournament, but at the age of 18, £1800 was worth so much as I used it as capital to start my own business.

  • Some rooms allow players to sell their ticket in the poker room; while others prohibit it and do not give you a refund if you cannot play.

📌Exclusive Freerolls

  • These are VIP events, where you need a special invite or you have to meet a certain criteria to register into the tournament.

  • Some invites you get through email, while some you get through the telegram poker group.

  • Others can appear in your inbox on your poker room account, so it’s always good to check your messages and notifications.

📌Password Protected Freerolls

  • These passwords are usually listed on affiliate sites that host freerolls on poker rooms.

  • The passwords are usually displayed a few hours before the freeroll starts.

  • It is good to check the terms and conditions on these sites as you have to be part of their community in order to claim any of the money if you win prizes in the freeroll, while most rooms do not care about this limitation and want to invite as many people to experience the love of poker freerolls.

📌Freerolls with Rebuys and Add-ons

  • These are a mix of freeroll freedom and the strategy of paid games.

  • You could buy back in or beef up your chip stack, which adds a whole new strategic layer to the freeroll concept.

  • While most players think it may be unfair as it gives more players the chance to play more aggressively, going all-in more often, knowing they have unlimited re-buys.

  • However this just increases the prize pool giving you an opportunity to win more money than the actual prize fund.

📌Hosted Freerolls by Streamers

  • The community vibe here is off the charts. Playing in tournaments hosted by your favorite online personalities, with their commentary and live chats, makes the games feel like a social event where the chips are secondary to the laughs and the excitement.

  • During their stream some announces unexpected freerolls via a link or search code, with the password given either in the live chat or by word of mouth.

Requirements for Freerolls

➡️Something that I learned at a later stage was while entries into these tournaments are often free, there's a catch when it comes to cashing out your winnings.

➡️Most poker rooms have a policy that requires players to have made a minimum deposit in their account before they can withdraw any winnings from a freeroll.

➡️It's like a small gate you have to unlock before you can take your treasures home.

➡️I discovered this the hard way when, after a particularly exciting freeroll victory, I attempted to withdraw my winnings on GGPoker, only to hit a wall.

➡️The poker site informed me that my withdrawal couldn't be processed until I had made a minimum deposit.

➡️At first, it felt like a setback, but it was actually just a part of the game's rules—a small price to pay for the chance to win more without risking much.

➡️So, I made the deposit, a symbolic entry fee into the world of real stakes poker, unlocking my ability to claim unlimited freeroll earnings in future.

Pros and Cons of Freerolls


  • ✅Free entry

  • ✅No risk

  • ✅Win cash

  • ✅Skill boost

  • ✅Wide competition

  • ✅Stress-free


  • 🚫Big crowds

  • 🚫Small prizes

  • 🚫Long games

  • 🚫Mixed skills

  • 🚫Risky plays

  • 🚫Frequent bad beats

  • 🚫Slow bankroll boost

Top Poker Rooms offering Freerolls in 2024

#1 PokerStars

#2 William Hill Poker

#3 Bet 365 Poker

#4 GGPoker

#5 888 Poker

#6 Unibet

What is Free Poker?

➡️Freerolls and free poker are not the same. Freerolls are tournaments with no buy-in fee and can win prizes in the form of cash or tickets.

➡️Free poker is playing with play money chips with no prizes.

Why would one play free poker then?

➡️Well purely for the love and passion of the game.

➡️During those 2 years of grinding there were no freerolls every day, so to pass time I gained more experience while playing on free poker apps, testing out new strategies that I’ve picked up from the YouTube videos.

➡️Freerolls only appeared once or twice a week. Today there are freerolls every single day making your odds so much easier to bank that cash.

➡️Free poker allows you to interact with others and get that same vibe as with freerolls, minus the prizes and highly recommended to gain experience when starting out poker.

Top 5 Poker Rooms that offer free poker with play money chips

My Poker Freeroll Journey

My journey through the poker world started in the freeroll zone, where I could take many risks, try bold moves, and learn the ropes without worrying about losing money. It was like training wheels for poker, giving me room to experiment, learn from mistakes, and get better without any financial stress. Every decision carried weight because my own cash was on the line. It upped the ante, making every win more adrenaline-charged and every loss a lesson.

Freerolls were my playground, a place to grow and play without fear. Regular poker became my battleground, where I tested my skills, took risks with my own money, and truly felt the excitement of the game. Both have their charms, but together, they've shaped me into the beast I am today.

In 2014, I stumbled upon the world of poker freerolls, and man, was it a game-changer. I was certain that I would dominate poker with my mathematical and chess brain. Back then, I was just curious about poker, intrigued by the blend of luck and strategy. I was introduced by a chess buddy of mine. He invited me over for some chess and poker, and this is where my passion and love for Poker began. I was still sixteen years of age, so he had made a deal with me to register an account on his name and if I do happen to win anything he’d take 30% of the winnings.  Although this may have been illegal, I was super excited and this was a fair deal! Weeks went by and I just could not make it to the prize money. The beginning was a wild ride. Imagine diving into a pool of players, all eyeing the same prize, but none of you has to pay to play. It was exhilarating but also quite challenging with thousands of players competing to make it to the final table. Winning wasn't easy. These tournaments were packed with hopefuls, from rookies to seasoned players trying to score some cash.

For months I watched numerous poker videos on YouTube, specifically on how to reach final table. Discovering these videos felt like hitting a secret jackpot. Suddenly, I had a way into making it to the prize money and after months of grinding, it was July 2014 when I made it to my first final table ever!

Freerolls turned out to be my best classroom. They taught me patience, because in poker, rushing can send you home packing early. They sharpened my strategy skills, as I learned to read the table, the poker players, the time they use to make certain bets, how they played certain positions, when to bluff, who to bluff and who not to bluff. This built my resilience. In poker, just like in life, you're going to face setbacks. It's all about how you bounce back. Now it is much easier to get to a freeroll final table having won numerous freeroll tournaments over the years.

Over two years, those freeroll tables became my training ground. With each game, I got better, started ranking higher, and even began taking top 3 prizes every week! It was a rush, watching myself evolve from a cautious newbie to a freeroll slayer! What my friend neglected to tell me about the deal was that he would keep all the winnings of all the freerolls until I am of legal age before I can withdraw it. But this was great as when I started playing real money tournaments I had a huge kitty to play with as he gave all my winnings to me, not just the 70%.

I registered my first poker account in 2016. I had transformed. From freerolls, I graduated to bigger tournaments, starting to invest some of these winnings into games with entry fees, chasing bigger stakes, and larger victories. Poker wasn't just a hobby anymore; it had become my passion, my profession.

Looking back, it's wild to think about how starting with something as simple as free poker tournaments could open up a whole new path for me. Though my journey had not started at a legal age, I do not regret it one bit. With all its ups and downs, it had not only made me a better poker player, but a beast on the poker tables!

Why Should You Play Freerolls?

My ultimate secret to acing freerolls wasn't just about mastering the game - it was about mastering the art of reading the virtual poker table. With thousands of players in each tournament, the key was to quickly figure out who the beginners are, the cautious intermediates, and the aggressive players pretending to be newbies. This wasn't just a game of cards; it was a game of keen observation and psychological insight.

In the freeroll arena, everyone's eyeing the same prize, making the competition fierce but also incredibly varied. It's a melting pot of strategies, skill levels, and poker faces (or the digital equivalent). By paying close attention to how different players moved around the virtual felt, I developed a skill for identifying player types, adjusting my strategy on the go, and navigating through the chaos of a crowded tournament.

Winning a freeroll, let alone making it to the final table, isn't a walk in the park. It's a battle, one where everyone's equally hungry for that free prize. My hypothesis is that if you can consistently come out on top, or even makes the final table, to me it was a solid sign I was ready for the big leagues. The sheer difficulty and unpredictability of freerolls make them the perfect proving ground. It was proof of my growth, a testament to my strategy working under the pressure of high-stakes and high-competition environments. Each win, each final table appearance cementing my confidence that I am ready for real money buy-in tournaments.

And so, armed with this confidence and a solid strategy perfected in the freeroll trenches, I made the leap to real money tournaments. The transition was more than just about stakes; it was about every decision, every bluff, and every fold was amplified. My success in freerolls wasn't just luck; it was a sign that I had what it took to compete.

This mindset, this confidence born from countless freeroll battles, was my secret weapon. It was about understanding the human element of poker, the subtle tells, and the bold bluffs. Winning in freerolls taught me that poker is as much about reading people as it is about reading hands. Thus, if you can win multiple freerolls in a row, you are definitely ready for the real world of poker! And this is the ultimate benefit…my secret.

Secret Strategies on How To Win Freerolls

Winning at freerolls isn't about having the highest cards every hand; it's about playing smarter, not harder. Here's how I turned the freeroll tables into my victory lap, and you can too!

1. Patience is Your Power Play

First off, remember that freerolls are marathons, not sprints. The early stages are filled with chaos as players with nothing to lose go all-in on a whim. Your best bet? Stay cool, calm, and collected. Wait for solid hands and let the eager eager and reckless players knock themselves out. Patience pays off, especially in the wild world of freerolls.

2. Know Your Opponents

This is where your inner detective skills should shine. Keep an eye on how others play—identify the reckless, the tight and the aggressive players. Freerolls are like a jungle, and understanding the animals you're up against is key. Use this knowledge to adjust your strategy on the poker table. If someone's playing loose, tighten up and wait for your moment to strike.

3. Bluff with Caution

Bluffing is an art, especially in freerolls where the stakes feel imaginary but the rewards are very real. Don't bluff just for the sake of it. Choose your moments wisely, against players you've seen fold under pressure. Remember, a well-timed bluff against the right opponent can be more thrilling than the highest stakes.

4. Position is Power

Your position at the table can make or break your game. Being in a late position gives you the advantage of seeing how others act before you do. Use this to your advantage. Play more hands when you're in a strong position and fewer when you're not. It gives a sneak peek into your opponents' strategies before you make the final decision.

5. Adapt and Overcome

No two freerolls are the same. You might face a table of aggressive players one day and a group of cautious newcomers the next. As Bruce Lee once said "Become like water" - adaptable and fluid. This is what makes me different on the poker tables as it is difficult to predict my playing style as i change it up during the game so that I do not become predictable to everyone. Change your play style as needed, becoming aggressive when the table is tight and tightening up when the table gets loose.

6. Build Your Stack, But Don't Get Cocky

A healthy chip stack is your ticket to the final table, but don't get reckless. Use your stack to intimidate smaller stacks and to stay alive, but always respect the game and your opponents. Overconfidence can be your downfall and you may lose all your chips, Stay woke! Grind your way slowly into the final table while you spot your opponents weaknesses and mistakes they make repeatedly. By doing this you'd be able to distinguish between who are the beginners and and seasoned players,

7. Final Table Focus

Made it to the final table? This is where legends are born. Keep your cool, and don't let the pressure get to you. Of cause the excitement is on another level, but try to control your emotions and stay focused as you've been doing thus far. Each player here has earned their seat. Respect them, but don't fear them. Continue to play smart, observe carefully, and wait for the right moments to make your move. Usually, not many people play "normal poker" in the freeroll final table - they wait until they have good cards to go all-in, so do not just call any cards or raise minimum because if someone goes all-in then you are forced to fold, unless you wanted to trap someone by fooling them so that they go all-in and you have a a strong premium hand or pair. At final table any pair you have pre-flop is good enough.

8. Enjoy the Ride

Last but not least, enjoy the journey. Freerolls are a playground for those passionate about poker. They're where you learn, grow, and have a blast doing it. Win or lose, each tournament is a chapter in your epic poker saga.

Master these strategies, and you'll not only conquer the freerolls but also build a solid foundation for your poker career. Remember, every hand you play, every bluff you make, and every chip you win brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal: becoming a poker legend. So, shuffle up, deal, and may the flop be with you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are poker freerolls?

Poker freerolls are tournaments that don't require an entry fee from players but offer real money prizes or entries into other tournaments.

How can I find poker freerolls on this website?

You can find a list of upcoming poker freerolls by visiting the Monthly Poker Freeroll Calendar 2024 section on our website, where we constantly update it with the latest Poker Freeroll Tournaments every month.

Am I eligible to participate in poker freerolls?

Most poker freerolls are open to all players, but some may have specific requirements such as a minimal amount of played hands or minimum deposit at the poker room of your choice. Always check the tournament details for entry requirements. We've made it easy for you and listed the Top 10 Poker Rooms offering Freerolls in UK 2024.

What can I win in a poker freeroll?

Prizes vary from cash rewards to tickets for higher stake tournaments or even packages for live poker events. Each tournament's prize details are listed in the lobby of the tournament, so definitely have a look at the prizes to check if it is worth your while.

Do I need to be a seasoned poker player to join poker freerolls?

No, poker freerolls are a great opportunity for players of all levels to practice their skills without risking any money, especially for newbies or if you just signed up.

How often can I participate in poker freerolls?

You can join as many freerolls as you like and eligible for. Check our site regularly for new Poker Freeroll Tournaments and how to get the password. At Gamblescope we list Freerolls that happen daily, so you can grind your way to the top every single day without having to risk your bankroll.

Are there any strategies I should know about playing in poker freerolls?

While poker freerolls can be more relaxed than paid tournaments, basic poker strategies still apply. In my opinion it's a good idea to start with a tight play and become more aggressive as the game progresses. I've had great success with this approach. For an in-depth analysis check out the Strategies on how to win Poker Freerolls.

How do I sign up for a poker freeroll on this site?

To sign up for a freeroll listed on Gamblescope, you’ll need to create an account on a Poker Room by clicking the blue "Sign-Up" button in the Monthly Freeroll Calendar Section (If you already have an account then there is no need to sign up). Once you've registered, navigate back to the Monthly Freeroll Calendar and click "Get Password". Some of the freerolls listed may show the password while others may take you to a step by step guide on how to get the password. Once you have the password, Copy and paste it when you register for the freeroll Tournament in the poker room lobby section.

Can I win real money without making a deposit by playing in poker freerolls?

Yes, that's one of the main attractions of poker freerolls. They offer the chance to win real money or prizes without needing to make a deposit. However, in order to withdraw your winnings you may have to deposit a minimum amount due to the poker room's withdrawal policy.

Why do poker sites offer freerolls?

Poker sites offer freerolls as a way to attract new players and give them a taste of competitive play without requiring an initial investment. It's a win-win situation for both the players and the sites.