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Traffic Comparison Chart for Casino and Betting Sites

Do you understand why people read reviews before they choose casinos to play at? It is because they want to know what old players experienced in the hands of the casinos, and understand if the casinos are going to treat them well or not. Now, when a casino entertains a huge traffic because many players choose to play on it instead of the others, it simply means that there is something the casino is doing better than the others. The benefits of playing games in a casino with a very high traffic cannot be over emphasized. You get to enjoy the good things that other players experienced, which made them to stick with the casino. 

Now, because it may not be easy for you to start going from one casino to the other, looking at their attributes and making comparisons to decide the one to play on, you will need help with the comparison. That is why we are presenting the Gamblescope Traffic Comparison Chart to you. This is a tool meant to compare all casinos and present to you their level of traffic and other attributes. 

In the Gamblescope Comparison Chart, you can compare up to 3 casino gambling sites at the same time. The biggest result you will get when you enter the name of the casinos to compare in this comparison tool is the declaration of the casinos’ traffic volumes. However, you will also get other essential information about the sites. In fact, it will give you a complete review of the casinos. Here, the traffic levels of casinos are graded into 12, ranging from the extremely low for those sites you are not advised to visit and enormously high for those that are recommended for you.

You will be shown the key differences between each casino in terms of bonuses, software, payments options, and many others. They are compared side by side in the bid to assist you in making the best decision on which one to play at. When you know the most visited site, and the less visited, it helps you choose the one to visit.

What Gamblescope Traffic Comparison Chart Compares

Traffic Comparison Chart for Casino and Betting Sites

The Gamblescope Comparison Chart gives you results on more than 60 things about the casino. It compares the traffic and rates it in 12 grades. From the indices, you will understand that the high traffic casinos possess great developers, games, mobile compatibility, security, payment methods, bonuses and licenses.

  1. It tells you GEOs where the casinos are restricted

  2. You are given the rating in stars, for example, 3.5 out of 5 stars

  3. There is an overview that states the date the casino was established and it’s Alexa Rank.

  4. The payment details come after this, and here, you will have the accepted currencies, minimum withdrawal, withdrawal methods, withdrawal limits, processing time and all the withdrawal methods. Here, also you get to know the minimum deposit, the deposit methods, and the processing time

  5. Coming downwards, you will be given a comparison of the game details for both casinos. It involves the list of the entire software developers and information about the availability of live games.

  6. The next stage is about their customer support, the languages you can speak to the support team and the avenues to reach them.

  7. After this, comes information about the bonuses available at the casinos.

With the Gamblescope Traffic Comparison Chart, you get to know why each casino commands the level of traffic it commands, and why you should choose or reject it.