Gambling Guides by Country

Our collection of gambling guides by country provides helpful information on the gambling environment in different parts of the world. Learn the legalities, social attitudes and tax liabilities of gambling before travelling and find some of the best places to wager on sports and games when you get there.

Gambling laws, regulations and tax arrangements can differ greatly from one country to another. In general, rules are put in place to protect players and society from the adverse effects of gambling. While it is true that most restrictions are aimed at industry operators, it is still advisable for players to be familiar with the legal requirements in the jurisdiction you are in, or intend to travel to, before wagering.

Our collection of guides provide useful information regarding the environment for gambling in different regions, countries and gambling hubs. They offer background research on the historical and current climate for gambling in the area, the tax situation on winnings, how to gamble safely in the location, advice on the legal venues to be found, and more.

This page also provides an overview on some of the most prominent international gaming authorities around the globe. These institutions and third-party regulators govern the gambling operations within a region. Some are better than others when it comes to player protection. We shine a light on the good and not so good organisations who issue gambling licenses, game testing and other essential services.

Bookmark this page and stay current with international gambling rules for protection and peace of mind.

Gambling Guides by Country